In 2015 Helena launched Integral Motion a suite of movement workshops that combine creative dance practices with deep ecology principles to explore the consciousness, elements, patterns and terrains of our body mind.

The workshops can be offered individually or as a series and are easily adapted for corporate/professional development sessions, schools, community events or festivals.

Evolving Consciousness – explores many miraculous moments of evolution, from the first form life on earth to our present human bodies.  This workshop leads participants on a journey of evolution though the eyes of their body-mind, enlivening the awe and wonder of our life in human form.  A gentle yet powerful antidote to burn out, disengagement and fatigue!

Primordial Patterns – invites participants on a movement journey through developmental anatomy.  From the beating of our heart and the rhythm of our breath, through the flexibility of our spines and the desire to initiate conscious movement, this workshop explores the patterns of reach, yield, push and pull.  An insightful and revealing workshop for leaders and managers!

Traversing Terrains – utilises evolutionary movement patterns and simple props to expand our movement response within the surrounding environment.  This workshop is perfect for individuals and teams who are seeking to expand their lateral thinking.

To book a workshop please contact Helena on +61 (0)400 062930