Jump Up China


In 2016 Becky Zheng and her amazing team from Hua Tao translated the Jump Up program materials to Chinese (awesome dedication – thank you!) 

Becky successfully ran the program at the DongBeiYuCai Elementary School (Shenyang, China)

The Hua Tao team are planning to host a facilitator training program in Beijing in 2017

This lovely report from Becky has really inspired me… I am so very grateful to everyone who understands the beauty of our children and shares this gift with them.

“I am so touched by the children who attend the class. They are from different classes, but work as a team very well.

I didn’t have enough time to do all the preparations before the program begins. There’s no students’ book this time. But I let them give me feedback before the class ends each time.
Attached I’m sending you some of their feedbacks. It’s really a big surprise to me. The drawings, the questions, the imagination… One of them even made a “web of life” with paper! Children are really amazing!!! I think Jump Up program is a gift to all the children.

Wish you could come to China sometime. Really looking forward to share the great experience with you.”

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For further information about the Jump Up program and its ongoing development please email gc@bethechange.org.au