Dancing Freedom

Dancing Freedom™ is movement as medicine. It is a conscious dance practice and sanctuary for community to sweat, pray, play, and celebrate together through movement, music and mindfulness.

Dancing Freedom classes provide a safe, inspiring container within which you are fundamentally welcomed to be yourself.

There is only one rule – you cannot do it wrong!

Each class runs for an hour and a half with a warm up, welcoming circle, dance and closing circle.

Please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing.  Dance in bare feet or soft soled dance shoes (no normal footwear permitted on dance floor)  Drinking water in bottle with screw top/water tight lid (to prevent spills)

You are most welcome to stay and socialise after the class, to share a cup of chai and homemade chocolate (by donation)

Please contact me to arrange a Dancing Freedom class in 2018.

“Hey you lucky people, I live on the other side of the planet, otherwise I would be there in a flash! Helena leads a superb dance class” H.Tofts – England